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Nintendo Villains by BrendanCorris

Because of the word limit, I am forced to get to the point. The picture is almost perfect. Every character is represented is an appropr...


Your videos are awesome, and this might be the best arrest video of all time.… us.…………… (Why would anyone say they didn't see all of the episodes? Doesn't it seem odd that such an unprofessional statement would be made? They're very clearly trying to upset people.)…

You read that right. Horvath and Jelenic are using our hatred to keep the show afloat. We have been their targets. We need to ignore the show as best we can, even if that series is forced down our throats. We will beat them now that we know their weakness.

Here's the long version. First, someone working on the show tweets that Season Six and a live-action movie are coming, getting the fanbase excited. Then, Teen Titans Go! gets announced at a comic-con, people get skeptical and give the show a chance. The first season comes out and the higher-ups say that they'll bring back the original if this show is successful. People are coerced into watching TTG, despite the flaws it has, in the hopes that things improve. Most are complaining, though, which is what was expected from the get go. Season two rolls around and things get worse, the show overtakes Cartoon Network and becomes an "unintentional" cash cow. Any show rivaling it in terms of a following, like Steven Universe, gets pulled from the channel to preserve it (if you don't believe me, ask :iconpieguyrulz: about it). The insults in the show get continuously worse until they officially state that TTG is canon to Teen Titans.

Do you see what happened now? We were tricked into making this show, which had little effort put into it and created with antagonistic intent, a success. We, the haters, were always the target demographic but the show hid behind the kids cartoon label as a way for the creators to defend themselves. They always knew what we cared about and have always been trying to undermine the fandom. We need to speak up and tell them that we know better now and we won't fall for that prank again. We must be polite about it, though. Otherwise, there could be problems.
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Siegfried: Siegfried is the zweihander wielding main protagonist of the Soul Calibur franchise. With his long reach and brute force, he has felled many an opponent, including the dreaded Nightmare! In Smash Bros, Siegfried brings that same vicious fighting style with him, making for some rather interesting matches, especially since all of his custom moves come from his Soul Calibur opponents.

How to Unlock: Beat Classic Mode as Siegfried on any difficulty.

Siegfried Alt. 1.: Siegfried's strength lies primarily in his sword's reach and staying grounded. To avoid getting launched by projectiles, players can use his Side Special, Sword Deflector, which causes enemy projectiles to be fired back at foes. It can also launch nearby opponents. When sent off a stage, Siegfried uses Soul Calibur in his Up Special, Holy Ascent, which sends Siegfried upward at the speed of light! The move also has quite a reach, so it's actually quite useful.

How to Unlock: Beat Adventure Mode as Siegfried on any difficulty.

Siegfried Alt. 2.: The power of Soul Calibur is used quite often in Siegfried's moveset. Case in point, his Down Special, Crystal Spikes. Siegfried leaps and stabs the ground, creating crystal spike by his side that launch opponents upward. The farther Siegfried falls, the longer and larger the crystals will be. However, his Neutral Special, Gunsword, is the true game changer. Here, Soul Calibur will change into Cervantes' gunsword and Siegfried can rapidly fire blasts of light from it!

How to Unlock: Purchase at the Shop after beating Adventure Mode as Siegfried.


Crystal World: Siegfried will cover the stage in crystal as his Final Smash. Those who come in contact with this move will be launched far. The closer to Siegfried opponents are, the more damaging and further launched opposing players will be. While the crystals might vanish quickly, Siegfried is covered in crystal, becoming invincible for several seconds. It guarantees an effective way to pick off survivors.

How to Unlock: Beat All-Star Mode as Siegfried on any difficulty.


Raphael: The French fencer Raphael was an outlaw who was part of a wealthy family. As the adopted father of fellow fencer Amy, he is often quite protective of her. He sports his SCII look as he rapidly slashes and stabs opponents. He won't leave the platform he is summoned on, so don't expect him to follow targets anywhere unless they're located where he is.


Soul Edge: The sword known as Soul Edge is said to be the embodiment of power and destruction, hence why many people seek it. However, it is also a demonic blade that can turn people into the Malfested. Its countless shards are scattered across the world, and when they are all collected, Soul Edge will become a mighty force, one that should never be trifled with. The most notable wielders include Cervantes, Nightmare, and at one point, Siegfried.

Soul Calibur: The light counterpart of the dark Soul Edge that was crafted from purified shards of the aforementioned sword. Soul Calibur's purpose is to purge the world of Soul Edge and its overwhelming evil. However, while it strives for justice, it does so in excess, meaning that it cares little for how it reaches its goal, even if innocent blood must be shed. If this is considered, then one must wonder whether or not Soul Calibur was ever a virtuous weapon at all...

Soul Embrace: When Soul Calibur and Soul Edge clash, sometimes unexpected things happen. One such unexpected thing (or in this case, event) is when Soul Embrace is created. The aforementioned sword is a fusion between Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, with a crystal blade and a fleshy hilt, among other things. The power Soul Embrace wields is amazing. Only the lucky few are able to use the blade wisely, though, so don't go trying to get into trouble if you have it with you.

How to Unlock: Get through every section of Smash Zone as Siegfried.

Nightmare: Also known as the Azure Knight, Nightmare is the incarnation of the legendary Soul Edge and the archenemy of Siegfried. He is a constant reminder to Siegfried of the pain and suffering that he had caused, specifically the death of his father. Sporting a monstrous appearance, brutal fighting skills and a large demonic arm, Nightmare lives up to his name quite well.

Nightmare/Siegfried: After Cervantes was defeated, Siegfried picked up Soul Edge and was slowly corrupted into the first incarnation of Nightmare, the Azure Knight. It took awhile, but after a fight with Raphael, Siegfried broke free of Soul Edge's control. This version of Nightmare acts as an alternate skin for Siegfried.

Nightmare/Graf Dumas: The third incarnation of the Azure Knight himself. Unlike before, Nightmare has taken up the role of chessmaster, manipulating people into hunting down the innocent so that more souls could be harvested. Sophitia's children had to contend with this madman. Ultimately, they prevailed. Fun fact: a familiar face is behind his helmet. What could this mean?

Inferno: The soul of Soul Edge is just as diabolical and bloodthirsty as the sword it resides within. Acting as Soul Edge's, and by extension, Nightmare's mind and soul, Inferno will occasionally surface to fight people if Soul Edge is in dire peril. Inferno has the ability to copy many different weapons, so fights with this demon are justifiably unpredictable.

Elysium: Taking on the appearance of a beautiful, angelic version of Sophitia, Elysium is the mind and soul of Soul Calibur. Benevolent at a first glance, she is actually quite manipulative and will do whatever it takes to see Soul Edge destroyed. As the final boss of SCV's story mode, many players had a reasonably hard time taking his angelic fiend down.

Necrid: The creepy green monster was once an ordinary man until some Soul Edge shards were found, turning him evil. Wielding a mysterious shapeshifting weapon, Necrid is known for having both a somewhat unpredictable fighting style and overwhelming brutality. However, that unpredicability and brutality wasn't enough to overcome Talim.

To be continued...
Before I begin, let me say this. This entry is an exception to my no non-video game characters rule due to them essentially being both known for their video games than the comics they spun off of and the unofficial mascots of Telltale Games. Be sure to leave a comment.


Sam: The first of two members of the Freelance Police. He is the more level-headed member, acting as the voice of reason. He's also prone to exclaiming lots of random and long-winded things. A surprise even we at Sora Ltd. didn't see coming, Sam brings his detective skills and playing cards into the arena. Expect the opponents to fold with his royal flush!

How to Unlock: Beat Classic Mode as Sam on any difficulty.

Sam Alt. 1.: Sam has lots of gizmos and gadgets in his arsenal for a cop. He also has lots of less technical equipment at his disposal. Case in point, his Up Special, Knockout Punch. On the ground, it's a powerful punch with a boxing glove that remains on the ground, perfect for smashing through shields. In the air, it's an uppercut that travels far. Sam's Down Special, Banjo Solo, causes Sam to play his banjo, creating a deflecting move that makes opponents dazed when hit by their own projectiles. Be careful, though, as it can't be held down and must involve the use of pressing the B button a lot.

How to Unlock: Beat Adventure Mode as Sam on any difficulty.

Sam Alt. 2.: As an expert poker player, Sam often knows which hands are best. With his Up Taunt shuffling the deck, Sam can more properly use his Side Special, Face Down, which lays playing cards on the ground face down and anyone who steps on them will be damaged according to the cards' statistics. The numbers go from Two (weakest) to Ace (strongest), and only two cards can be put down at once. Why two? Because Sam's Neutral Special is Texas Hold 'Em, where Sam throws cards of various suits at opponents. Diamonds are immune to reflecting attacks and have high knockback, Hearts heal Sam and damage opponents upon contact, Spades hit multiple times and go through numerous opponents, and Clubs gradually increase opponent players' damage percentage. Two cards of the same suit have their effects amplified, while players can try different combinations of suit for multiple effects. Have fun!

How to Unlock: Purchase at the Shop after beating Adventure Mode as Sam


Angry Sam: When Max lost his brain, Sam got incredibly angry over it. In Smash, Sam gets the Smash Ball and takes a ride on the red eye express! Sporting faster movement and a large arsenal of new moves to choose from, this rabid dog's bark and bite are guaranteed to be lethal. Expect many KOs, but be careful, as Sam can't stay mad forever...

How to Unlock: Beat All-Star Mode as Sam on any difficulty


Max: Everyone's favorite mentally-unstable, trigger-happy lagomorph appears with a baseball bat when summoned, hitting and chasing the closest character (except the player). However, that only applies in Omega stages. In regular stages, Sam will use the Devil's Toy Chest and rain psychic doom upon players! Did we mention that Max's phylum and genus are a mystery to humanity?


Jimmy Two-Teeth: This foul-mouthed rat shares space in Sam & Max's office, and neither he or the Freelance Police think this is a good thing. He often does lots of shady things, like stealing phones and holding them for ransom. Is it any wonder then that the Freelance Police aren't too fond of him? Oh well. At least Jimmy does have some good traits. For instance, he'll do what it takes to take care of his son, Timmy.

Hugh Bliss: Perhaps one of the strangest of Sam & Max's odd assortment of rogues, Hugh Bliss posed as a sort of spiritual leader in an attempt to feed off of mankind's, well, bliss. He has a base up in the moon, where he waits to activate his big machine. Don't be fooled by Hugh Bliss' awkwardly feminine voice and non-threatening appearance. Hugh Bliss is, in fact, interstellar bacteria!

Bosco: The paranoid cashier of the store named after him, Bosco is normally the one that supplies Sam and Max with the technical know-how and technology needed to overcome various obstacles. Called "Bosco Tech", Bosco's inventions are all just random animals and objects. Also, he seems to greatly fear his mother. These days, who doesn't?

Mama Bosco: Mama Bosco is, in many ways, much of what her son isn't. She is much more tech-savvy and inventive, for one thing, and she also is also a much braver person overall. Sam and Max first met Mama Bosco during their time-traveling escapades, but later, she helped to stop a mutated Max who was rampaging through New York.

How to Unlock: Collect all Custom Moves for Sam.

Flint Paper: While not specializing in hospitality, Flint Paper is a no-nonsense private detective with a knack for starting (and finishing) fights. As the neighbor of Sam and Max, Flint Paper knows the duo quite well. As a matter of fact, the Freelance Police consider Flint to be one of their very best friends. When in a jam, they know they can count on him to get them out of trouble.

To be continued...
Be sure to leave comments.


Coffee: This adorable cross between a coffee machine and a droid makes its presense known with a few good zaps from a laser. Acting as an assistant on the Lun Infinus, it might not have been intended to be onboard, but it has every intention of turning its opponents in Smash into scrap, among other things...

How to Unlock: Beat Classic Mode as Coffee on any difficulty.

Coffee Alt. 1.: How about having a nice cup of joe? Well, if you use Coffee's Down Special, Coffee Brew, you can do just that! The brew heals Coffee by 20%, but takes time to recharge. The coffee can even be thrown if Coffee's damage percentage is too low. Just make sure that opponents don't steal your drink before you have a swig. For a different dose of something hot, try Coffee's Up Special, Exhaust. Coffee can jettison upward while having noxious fumes come out of his exhaust port, gradually damaging anyone hit by the attack. So would you like your coffee normal or decaffeinated?

How to Unlock: Beat Adventure Mode as Coffee on any difficulty.

Coffee Alt. 2.: Coffee, being a robot, is no stranger to technology. His Neutral Special, simply called Laser, has Coffee firing laser balls at incredible speeds, perfect for combos. However, the blasts get weaker over time, so don't shoot excessively. Coffee's Side Special, Upload, causes a computer program to appear and pursue nearby opponents. It will vanish eventually, but it will reverse the opponent's controls upon contact. Not bad for a coffee machine, eh?

How to Unlock: Purchase in the Shop after beating Adventure Mode with Coffee.


Combat Simulation: Bio-Beta and the other Derelicts team up to take down opponents in this cinematic Final Smash. Coffee summons an orb of rogue data and pulls opponents into a battle simulation, and guess who plays the role of the punching bag? In any case, when the four (sometimes five) Derelicts have done their job, opponents will be jettisoned into space, getting launched upward at breakneck speeds!

How to Unlock: Beat All-Star Mode as Coffee on any difficulty.


Digital Rabbit: This adorable digital lagomorph has only one thing in its programming: eat. It will eat any non-living item on the ground, from crates to barrels. All items that are eaten will heal players who summoned this valuable bunny by varying degrees. Non-edible items heal the player that summoned it by 10% and edible items do the same thing except that they heal players by 20% instead.


D-Co 9: A program that Coffee uses to protect the simulations the Derelicts created from viruses. D-Co 9 is the ninth program of his kind. The little program has more to him than most of the occupants of the Lun Infinus realize, a fact that Coffee alone knows. Coffee uses D-Co 9 as his Side Special, acting like a homing projectile that takes awhile to recharge. D-Co 9 also acts as the symbol for the Desolate Hope in Smash Bros. Not bad, huh?

Amos: Derelicts were created by humanity to run simulations involving human colonization on foreign planets if Earth was no longer safe to live on. Five were sent to space, but only four followed their objectives. The fifth, Amos, never got the chance to, as it malfunctioned before its simulations could begin. Now, Amos sits lifelessly by the wall in his chamber, frozen by the bitter cold.

Malenz: This grim looking robot isn't evil, surprisingly enough. He is actually one of the Derelicts who are running simulations involving human colonization. His simulation is bound to realism more than the others, effectively making it strenuous for him later on as he tried to make a civilization. He then became a toymaker for robots of his own creation. If Coffee gives him toys in the real world, he'll appreciate it for sure.

Bio-Beta: Arguably the most pessimistic of the Derelicts, Bio-Beta gave up on humanity long ago, firmly believing that mankind went extinct due to their own actions. Attempting to recreate humanity, he tried to use a very special specimen, Sample 217, which was sent to the Lun Infinus some time ago. However, after repeated failures and the theft of said specimen, Bio-Beta called it quits. His simulation is arguably more grandiose than the others.

Alphus: This jolly blue robot is one of the four remaining Derelicts. Tasked with running simulations, Alphus is faithful regarding his objectives, not wavering for an instant. He is arguably the happiest of the Derelicts. Well, at least he looks the happiest. In any case, Alphus holds the distinction of knowing D-Co 9's past versions, or so he says.

Mirad: As one of the Derelicts, Mirad is in charge on conducting simulations. Mirad's happens to be one that seems more like a mystical memorial to mankind more than colonization. With a human-like face and feminine look, one could say that Mirad has a mother's instinct when it comes to its little patch of Heaven, eager to see it in one piece.

Terro Totik: The Malwastes are home to Malenz and his people. It is also home to the invasive virus named Terro Totik, a virus with flora growing all over his body. Terro totik has two skulls floating beside him, giving people a metaphor for what will happen if they cross this behemoth's path. He might be one of the weaker viruses, but that doesn't mean he has no tricks up his sleeve...

Negmanity: This spider-like virus has been running amok throughout Miradmoore, Mirad's domain. Beyond the simple fact that this thing is like a spider, there is also the creepy human face on Negmanity's abdomen that is sure to frighten most folks. Sadly for Negmanity, neither Coffee or D-Co 9 don't count among "most folks".

Puppeton: This entity only looks majestic, as this is the virus that has threatened Bio-Beta's simulation, Betagrid 0.9. With two globes above its hands and two glowing blue eyes, there is almost an ominous presence to this being. Needless to say, it has the power to enforce its foreboding presence tenfold.

Ger Garun: The mighty Ger Garun appears as a Stage Boss in the stage based on Alphus' simulation, Alphon Domes. He fights players at the top of the stage, employing many tactics once used by Ridley in Super Smash Bros for Wii U. However, he can use attacks like Sleep Mode to put players to sleep and Radion Alpha. Defeating this cutthroat computer virus will be quite rewarding to the player who defeats him.

Viren: One would think that having a sun for a head would make his disposition a sunny one. Sadly, it's only there for aesthetics, as Viren is the last wave of virus contamination in each of the Derelicts' simulations. Armed with powerful attacks and an intimidating scowl, Viren is sure to heat things up and wreak havoc on any unfortunate coffee robot that stands in his way.

PULSAR: Anti-Virus Protocol No. 6, aka "PULSAR", is what all other anti-virus programs wished they could be. Intimidating and dangerous, PULSAR serves as the final obstacle between Coffee and seeing its "little one" happy. Fittingly, PULSAR is outfitted with a lethal arsenal, so Coffee had best be prepared for a long and gruesome battle...

How to Unlock: Complete Break the Targets as Coffee on Very Hard or higher.

To be continued...


The One You Least Expect
United States
Your videos are awesome, and this might be the best arrest video of all time.…

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